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Hello, my name is Jenny Connatty

The Queen's Educational Enchantment


Telling these exquisite, often unknown stories, has become something of a mission for me, since knowing them well, gives the child all the references he will need to develop the intelligence of the emotions.


With this in mind, I have developed

The Storytelling Mindfully Scheme 

so that adults and children can enter fully into the valuable experience of hearing, memorising and retelling a treasured story in their own way.

Enchanting Party Entertainment


Family and School friendly For 3 to 103 years!


Fairytales, Interactive Drama, Dance, Music, Puppetry, Juggling, Fun and Laughter.



Boys of three to nine years, love this entertainment - juggling and meaty stories light their fire – a fairytale is rarely about fairies!


I gave myself a royal title and costume to captivate my young audience. A clear authoritative presence is essential when engaging with today's children - their interest must be caught quickly if they are to be wowed with something as old fashioned as a fairy tale.


In my role as Queen of Stories, I like to suggest to the younger children, that I reside in ‘The Palace of Imaginings'. 


See Queen’s letter They relate to me as they would Father Christmas - a mysterious magical person with the gift of a story... the older children – wise to the is conspiracy, enjoy sharing the secret that I am really an actress, entertaining with my tales whilst teaching others to tell stories. 


This authenticity and the theatricality of my costume is enough to take them with me!



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