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The Mindfulness Revolution


In recent years there has been a huge interest in the art and science of mindfulness - a means for developing greater awareness of our moment-to-moment experience as we fully experience what is happening within us and around us without judgment. 


Though Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist concept and practice, scientific research shows that when understood and practiced, can reduce stress, improve health, alleviate depression and anxiety, improve attention, performance, and increase  overall well being and happiness. 


Mindfulness is having notable impact in schools and other places of learning and is also being applied in a wide variety of fields, including health care, leadership development, the law, and surprisingly - the military too!


I was inspired to become a student and later a trained teacher of Mindfulness, under the tutelage of the Tibetan Lama – Akong Rinpoche – a Tibetan doctor and meditation master, who has worked closely with The University of Aberdeen to create a department of Mindfulness within their Psychology Department.


 I have found the Mindful philosophy and practices have enriched my personal and work life profoundly, and now underpin my work as a Home Tutor, Storyteller and carer to my elderly mother.


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