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Storytelling for Schools

Having been a primary teacher, I find myself very much at home in the school environment. I take a delight in sharing the fairytale with children because it gives them the most profound emotional and moral nourishment.


The stories address and resolve the dark issues; giving children opportunities to engage with their feelings. Once understood and mastered, such feelings can reassure and lead the child to creative expression and happiness.


I find teachers very keen to tell fairytales because they do understand their value. But in this current school climate they are frustrated by the little time they have to prepare them; as a remedy to this, I have created:

The children at Icknield Primary say...

"The Queen is absolutely amazing! When she tells us a story, we really like it because she changes the expressions on her face and does voices.


She comes to our school once a week in a really cool queen's costume to do the  Storytelling Mindfully Scheme.


Learning stories is easy with her, and when we have memorised one, we get the Storyteller Sash to wear, and when we have learned three stories we have to be brave enough to tell one in Assembly, we become Royal Storytellers and get a Royal Stripe to add on our sash.


We get certificates if we have just read the story lots of times; or have been working very hard, or helping someone, and we are allowed to go into other classes to tell stories to the younger children.


I have good ideas to write my own stories now. 



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