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Palace of Stories

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Above and Beyond the World


My Dear Child,


I am looking forward to sharing a story with you because I know that you love them! I shall be travelling to you from my palace where all the stories begin. It is a beautiful far-away place. You can go to there when you dream.


The fairy folk, who are my dear friends, will be with me, because they love stories too. They will hide themselves around us, for that is their way...  Although you will not see them…if you make yourself very quiet and still… you will feel their magic! I shall bring some of their Fairy Dust.


So… when you hear the sound of my Story Bell…make yourself comfortable, and  I will begin!  You might wish to close your eyes from time to time so that you can see the magic pictures in your mind’s eye… hear the sounds, and sense the feelings as we make this journey together. 


You will know that I am a Queen, because I wear a crown and call myself this name… but there are many other Kings and Queens of Stories… they are secret!  You will recognise them when they tell a story, and  you want to hear it - again and again. Some are so secret, that even they do not know they are a Story King or Queen - so you will have to tell them!  


Yours majestically,


Queen of Stories

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