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FAQ. Questions always asked about Queen of Stories

What happens when you invite the 'Queen' to your celebration?

The Queen enters wearing a smile and a costume with all the appeal of a Christmas tree. She carries with her a velvet sack of props; CD player and many fairytales in her jewel encrusted noddle!



The Fairytale

The tale will be taken largely from the Brother's Grimm collection. These stories have endured for many years because they are universally enchanting.



They have the power not only to entertain but to enlighten the child in the ways of the world. As the child identifies with the characters that inhabit this magical world, he will learn how to be. The 'goodies' of course, show him how to be good, and the 'baddies'reveal to him, his own demons, and how to handle them. All this precious wisdom is delivered stealthily to the back door of the child's subconscious...they know nothing of its transmission, but a sense of deep satisfaction.


The fairytale fantasy gives them the key to reality and there they can unlock the happiness ever after!



What form does the entertainment take?

The entertainment starts with the hush of a fairytale, followed by a lively time, (interactive movement; drama; dance; creative play; juggling) and finally, the clowning of the puppets! (We don't call them puppets but "the Queen's little friends", because young children will experience them as 'real' creatures with minds of their own.So, don't mention the 'p' word!)



How long? How much?

All this depends on the number and age of children, the distance to be travelled and any special preparation required. Please, call with details for a quote.



Where shall I hold the celebration?

The entertainment is largely children's theatre and so a quiet cosy place is ideal.


Home living rooms are perfect but halls need to be carpeted and not too big, so that the atmosphere is cosy and my voice can be heard.(I use no artificial amplification.)A safe outside garden area is a bonus for good weather days.




The Queen usually entertains within a ten-mile radius of Cambridge - but, she can be tempted to travel further if you are really keen to see her!



How soon do I need to book?

Usually two or three months in advance is advisable especially if you have a specific day and time in mind. However, do contact the Queen to check bookings, even at short notice, you might be lucky.



Events clashing

Please check that there are no other special events to clash with your celebration. (You can double up with your child's friend for a joint birthday celebration perhaps?)



Fancy dress?

This is not essential but if you like the idea, the theme of "Fairytale characters" works well. You do need to tell parents to put their children in shoes that are suitable to dance and play in.

("Princess slippers" are beautiful but not practical if they have heels or slip off easily.)You might tactfully have to round up the arsenal of swords and wands etc., before the story begins! Good luck!



Who will enjoy this entertainment?

This is family entertainment suitable for all from the very young to the very ancient. The fairytale is universally fascinating for all generations. 


Children will enjoy a simple fairytale from the age of 3+ years.


A more sophisticated story will suit older children and adults too, for these enchanting and often forgotten tales have many meaningful layers that will intrigue the most adult of listeners.


Children under 5 years will need to be accompanied by an adult with whom they are comfortable and who will be happy to join in with the fun.



The story will always be chosen to accommodate the audience.The Fairytale can be as simple or as sophisticated as the audience requires.


Where the very young child is concerned, the degree of its success depends on adult co-operation as children will take their behavioural lead from the adults around them, if you are interested so will they be! (Please feel comfortable with the level of involvement you like to have a quiet level of interest, especially if you feel tired on the day, will be fine!)



How do I get the best from this entertainment?

Before the queen makes an entrance the children need to be assembled, and told what is to happen.


They might need the loo, or a drink before the story begins. Check that there is enough fresh air in the room and, 'when they are all sitting comfortably', the story can begin!



Read the "Queen's letter" (see menu), so that you will know how to prime your child and their guests. The children will relate to her as they would Father Christmas!



You might like to print the Queen's letter and give it to your child in a sealed envelope.


They can then have the pleasure of informing their guests on how to enjoy the visiting monarch!

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